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By Rishi Thornhill

So, you have a dream, of travelling the world? Lost Temples, Lush cloud-forests, Limestone-cliffs and Jungle expeditions, making your own path, growing and discovering treasures along the way? Well all this and more is possible, and you have come to the right place. Now it is time to lay down and answer the practical questions before you can start your adventure. We will talk about the financials, will you need to save up for years? How will I meet people? What do I say to my family, they think I am crazy? Welcome to the club!


This Chapter is for those of you that have sparked the fire of a daring adventure to distant lands, but have not yet decided if they can actually do it, and what to find out what is involved. It will encourage, and also provide as sense of tangibility and structure that will get you from the dreaming stage to the planning stage. Most people have an idea with what to expect with a trip around the world. Now let's see if your picture matches with reality. 


In this subchapter:

A trip around the world is not a holiday


Let's start off by saying it is very different from what most people do on a typical holiday. There will be less comfort, but more growth. Less packaged experiences, and more genuine connections.

Some misconceptions about world travel

When you tell your family and people around you , there are certain misconceptions that people have. It is important to separate the facts from the fiction, so you can make the decision without being subject to other peoples preconceptions. 

The Decision

Where there is a will there is a way.

Career, age, family or education and a trip around the world are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Using some examples from travellers we have met on the road we will share stories of how they navigated the decision and made it work. 

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