You are on the waters edge.
You check your pocket, inside is your wallet with some strange notes tucked away and your phone and keys. You’ve come this far. You have travelled half way across the world. Do you turn back and take the same path as everyone else >>>
Or cross the water with your things, to the land of the less explored?
Discover our signature shorts >>>

swim short features

Adjustable waistband for getting the perfect tailored fit.

Back zipper pocket for easy access valuables. Zipper made from ZAMAK

Waterproof pocket guaranteed to 300m/ 1000ft underwater. IPX8

4-D dynamic stretch adds the perfect level of comfort to your next adventure.

Front snap buttons a refined touch appropriate for both in and out of water.

Water repelling & fast drying fabric of high quality.

Sustainable fabric from 7 recycled plastic bottles

Complimentary shipping

In a luxurious gift-box

11 trees planted

per item we sell.

Secure checkout

Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal & Apple Pay

Made sustainably

<3 our planet

Sizing Chart

X-Small 28-30 inches

Small 30-32 inches

Medium 32-34 inches

Large 35-37 inches

XL 38-40 inches

XXL 41-43 inches