Codify Infotech

♻️ Made of recycled Ocean Plastic

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The Ultimate Adventure Shorts

Luxury materials, a magic dry pocket and made ocean plastic to craft the ultimate adventure shorts. No more wet phones and wallets, no more searching where to leave your valuables, no need to change shorts from water to land. We have made the best shorts so you can explore further.


so you can keep your valuables with you


so you can transition between city/ beach

the perfect fit

Adjustable Waistband and 4 way stretch to fit you perfectly


with liquid repelling coating, so it all just rolls off.

Gift packaging

Packaged for the perfect gift

Luxury detailing

Premium metal hard-wear

20 trees in your name

A carbon positive brand. We plant 20 trees to have a + impact.

Ocean bound plastic

Recycled plastic is turned into our high performance fabric.


For a new kind of traveler

🎴 We believe less is more.

🌱We don't always need to go fast, infact, we take the time to be in the moment.

🐅 We take the road less travelled. Sometimes that means walking our own path.

All good things come to an end.

So make this moment count. Live for today. don't wait until you are older or wiser or ready.

If not now when?

The magic has always been there. Sometimes a trip of a lifetime can make us remember, trust yourself and you will see it.

If you look for the good, that is what you will find.

Live good old days, laugh,
bring a smile to the people's face, leave your spark in each place. 

Do the unexpected. The greatest adventures start by daring to say yes to what we have always wanted.

This is your moment.

This is your life 🐉

Sizing Chart

X-Small 28-30 inches

Small 30-32 inches

Medium 32-34 inches

Large 35-37 inches

XL 38-40 inches

XXL 41-43 inches