Our story

In 2016, I started Aquanautia to solve the problem I faced on my travels time and time again: how do I keep my valuables close by, when the adventure takes me to the water. Empowered by the people through crowdfunding, our original shorts were the first to introduce the self sealing waterproof technology perfect for clothing. 

We’re inspired by the  the ones that think independently, the dreamers, the adventures and explorers, the truthful and the brave and the ones that act even though they are afraid. Everything we is designed with these hero's in mind. With you in mind.  They’re built so you can keep on exploring even when it's only you. 

Our ultimate mission is to inspire you on your journey to live a life you are proud to have lived.

Rishi Thornhill



Sizing Chart

X-Small 28-30 inches

Small 30-32 inches

Medium 32-34 inches

Large 35-37 inches

XL 38-40 inches

XXL 41-43 inches