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Hello, I am Rishi

The idea was born while solo travelling in South East Asia.

I decided to show off my newly acquired drybag, by putting my phone and wallet inside, and then jumping into the water before anyone else. By the time I swam to the island, my phone and wallet where soaked.

But that gave me an idea. A better way to travel without ever having to leave my valuables behind.

A few years later the Ultimate Adventure Shorts launched on Kickstarter, getting funded in less that 12 hours, shortly after becoming the #1 ranking fashion product on Kickstarter at the time and going on to exceed the goal by several 1000% .

Our ever evolving selection of products are, and always will be designed to help you live your best life.

Rishi Thornhill 


Sizing Chart

X-Small 28-30 inches

Small 30-32 inches

Medium 32-34 inches

Large 35-37 inches

XL 38-40 inches

XXL 41-43 inches