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A British brand inspired by a love for travel.



Dear Globetrotter,

Thank you for learning more about my passion and why I started Aquanautia.

It all began with trying to solve a simple problem. A problem many travellers I met faced, and one that put me twice in to a very compromising situation! But that is a story for another time.

The problem was, how does one keep their valuables close by, when their adventure takes them through the water. It was this that prompted us to design the shorts with the modern explorer at the front of mind. Short that allowed one to do the previously impossible. Shorts that acted more that a piece of clothing, but as a emergency contact device, a means for navigating in difficult terrain, and a piece of gear that would transform the modern explorer to be able to navigate water bound expeditions with the same gear as on land.

We are truly inspired by those that challenge conventional wisdom, the dreamers, the adventures and explorers, the ones that dare.

Our mission is to inspire you on your journey across the globe to explore deeper and to live a life filled with daring adventures.

Rishi Thornhill

Founder and explorer



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Sizing Chart

X-Small 28-30 inches

Small 30-32 inches

Medium 32-34 inches

Large 35-37 inches

XL 38-40 inches

XXL 41-43 inches