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Ultimate Adventure Shorts

Made for Explorers.


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PLAY Project We Love London, UK Product Design £182,091 pledged of £5,000 goal 1,747 backers The Ultimate Adventure Shorts. Series 2.  What do ...
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Sizing Chart

Size inches
X-Small 28-30
Small 31-33
Medium 34-36
Large 36-38
XL 38-40
XXL 40-42
What size am I?

What size am I?

Men (regular length. 6 inch inseam)
Men (longer length. 9.5 inch inseam)
Women (high waist. 4 inch inseam)
Women ( longer length 9.5 inch inseam)
PLAY Project We Love London, UK Product Design £182,091 pledged of £5,000 goal 1,747 backers The Ultimate Adventure Shorts. Series 2.  What do ...

The Ultimate Adventure Shorts | Series 2 | Aquanautia 🎴 project video thumbnail



The Ultimate Adventure Shorts. Series 2. 

What do you get when you combine a short you love to wear, a short that you love to swim in, and a scuba-certified waterproof pocket? A new level of travel possibilities.

Jump daringly into any environment.

The UA2 by Aquanautia will open up new adventures

Of the Ultimate Adventure Shorts 2.0

We've reimagined what a single pair of shorts can do. So they are the only pair you need to pack.

The Reimagined Magic Dry Pocket™

Did someone say self-closing? That's magnetic.

The Magic Dry Pocket™ triple locking mechanism pocket is completely reengineered to be three times thinner than our first Kickstarter, and with an improved waterproof rating, certified to IPX8, 300m/1000ft, (an industry first) you can literally go scuba diving and no water will enter the pocket.

Now the flap over the mag seal is secured by a our signature logo snap button for more security in demanding situations.

And I did send my iphone down to 300M to test it. I thought, ‘This would be great if your thing is to record whale songs. You could do it right on your phone.’

Hydrophobic Water-Repelling Materials

Improved water repellent coating means all liquids, even spills, bead up and roll off thanks to the durable hydrophobic nanotechnology coating.

Not only is this fabric possibly the fastest drying fabric in the world, but it is blended with just the right amount of elastane™ (8% to be exact) for a super-comfy three-way stretch.

The handfeel of the fabric is smooth like cotton and thick like a sail canvas.

Engraved Metal Hardware 

Custom gunmetal hardware coated to withstand chlorine and salt water Which means you will look sharp in your UA2’s for the next hundred years or so.

Smart travel features

Key UX Features of the UA2 (fit and finish):

  • Comfortably stretchy fabric fashioned to fit-in anywhere: thoughtfully designed for the fast and lightweight international traveller in mind.
  • “Hybrid” 2-in-1 design so you can go from water to land, easier.
  • Wet to dry time: 10 minutes in full sun.
  •  Snap-lock adjuster hidden in waistband to customise the fit.
  •  Hydrophobic nanotechnology coating on recycled polyester material means spills and stains bead up and roll off.
  •  Less Laundry, more adventures.

The UA2 is Exceptionally Theft Proof 

We’re sharing our deepest secrets now.

The UA2 features two key security upgrades:

  • The 3-way flap closure on the ProSafe IPX8 Magic Dry Pocket™ is truly un-pickpocket-able.
  • A secret “deep stash” pocket concealed within the waistband is only accessible from inside the waistband.

We designed these shorts for the minimalist to carry wallet, phone, and keys anywhere, safely.

Even if you're not a minimalist you’ll appreciate the options and freedom these shorts will open up for you.

(I wish I could go back and redo some old trips I made now that I have these shorts.)

Ocean bound plastic

When we were looking for a high-performance and ultra-comfortable mix of recycled polyester, we found a company making a product from ocean bound plastic bottles.

But why are bottles being used?

It’s because no one has invented the technology to recycle the millions of tonnes of textiles that end up ultimately in the bin.

We know. It’s a disgrace. We’re working on it.

But that’s why these shorts are built to last. We believe that long-lasting, intelligent design is the most important factor in sustainability when working with these fabrics.

But they also keep bottles out of our oceans, and we see this as a net-positive.

(Pun fully intended)

And these shorts are designed to last until mankind has developed the technology to recycle them.

The Men’s and the Women's Collection

Yes, now women can have pockets too. And not just any pockets. We think you will find them to be the most useful pockets in the world.

We’ve mentioned it before and we’ll say it again. The key to the UA2 is its versatility.

We took the best features from our first-gen travel short, added features based on the best customer feedback we received, travelled the world ourselves in them, and incorporated (or distilled) all that into what you see before you.

In BETA tests with models, athletes, and social influencers we had trouble getting them to return the shorts.  We gifted them the display pair, 100% of the time.

The minute you get a pair on, you’ll understand the difference. It’s simple gear, but robust.

One of the best features of the UA2 is how they stay clean and wrinkle free.  In your pack (or even sleeping an 8 hour shift) these travel shorts never look “frumpy” or “dishevelled.”

Right out of the pack they’re ready for the festival on the town plaza, and still looking good for a sunrise swim on the beach.

And we do use them as pjs.

In the tropics, at the right time of year, you don’t need much more than a straw hat, a shirt, some shorts, and a hammock - for days on end.

If you're going ultralight and fast, then you’ll want a pair of UA2’s.

Lighter Packing.

These shorts win a spot in the minimalist kit for two reasons.

  1. They serve more than one purpose.
  2. Everyone needs short pants backpacking.

When we say minimalist, we mostly mean the ability to fly anywhere in the world, with no checked baggage.

For any amount of time.

And this is how we prefer to travel: footloose and fancy-free, as the saying goes.

But, that’s not always the case.

No matter what I have going on I can stuff my wallet and keys in my pocket and get lost for a day.

Pool, beach, or streets? They’ll never know. I’ve disappeared into the crowd with the essentials.

Like Bond.

James Bond.

There is no better feeling than grabbing your bag when the plane lands and just walking out of the airport, past the shuffling crowds, and disappearing into a new city with all you need in a small pack on your back, and everything you really need, safe in your pocket.

The Ultimate Adventure 
Shorts. Series 2


Take everything into the water

Want to keep these with you (in your pocket) and dry?

  • Phone
  • Wallet (The magnets are safe with credit cards)
  • Car keys 
  • Passport (better in your pocket)



    Guaranteed dry 30m/100ft underwater. 

    Perfect for 

    • Travelling
    • Standup paddle-boarding
    • Kayaking
    • Hiking
    • Adventuring
    • Exploring Beaches and Islands
    • Festivals


    Ultra Fast drying.

    Liquid repelling 💦 


    The fabric contains hydrophobic nanotechnology. That basically means liquid rolls straight off. (it is also has 4 way stretch so its super comfortable)


    • Drys in under 15 minutes in the sun.
    • Repel stains and spills
    • Stays clean for up to 30 days.





    A sustainable approach 


    We know you love the outdoors and the environment. We do too. Nothing spells sustainable better than taking actual steps in saving the environment.  


    • Shorts fabric is made from 92% recycled plastic bottles
    • 7 plastic bottles out of the water, crafted into something special. 
    • Using post consumer plastic increases the demand for cleanups, resulting in less plastic in the sea.  





    11 trees planted for each pair sold.




    Our nature program and partnership with Eden Project means for every pair of shorts bought we are planting 11 trees, providing both jobs to communities in need and a positive impact on the air we breathe.




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    Technical specifications


    We introduce the worlds most exquisite pair of shorts with the exclusive features worn by world explorers.

    Patented waterproof pocket system

    Fast dry fabric coated with Water Repelling fabric , that is environmentally safe. Water rolls off.

    ZAMAK zippers that are chlorine , salt , and heat proof. Premium quality

    4 way stretch for all day comfort 

    Adjustable waistband and for a tailored fit


    Main material: 92% Recycled Polyester 8% Elastane. Made from 10 recycled plastic bottles

    No uncomfortable mesh lining 



    Inseam Short version: 14cm / 5.5in

    Inseam Regular version: 19cm / 7.5in

    Weight: 0.25kg / 0.55 lbs

    Don’t find what your looking for? Feel free to contact us.

    Sizing Chart

    Size inches
    X-Small 28-30
    Small 31-33
    Medium 34-36
    Large 36-38
    XL 38-40
    XXL 40-42
    Sizing Chart

    X-Small 28-30 inches

    Small 30-32 inches

    Medium 32-34 inches

    Large 35-37 inches

    XL 38-40 inches

    XXL 41-43 inches